Cerrajeria Wong Inc.
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WONG Locksmith: A Family tradition                    Click para Español
The Wong Locksmith tradition began in eraly China manufacturing locks, hardware, keys, and other metal objects. Later, one of their decendants, Alberto Wong, migrated to Cuba, where he first established himself in Havana. 

With that special aptitud for his profesion, Alberto Wong started his locksmith business in a handmade push cart in La Placita del Parque Trillo. Like for any imigrant, it was not an easy start in an unknown environment, yet very well received. With time, his business started to grow and in 1946 he was able to establish a shop at San Jose y Marques Gonzalez , but in a short time this shop resulted small considering his growing clientele.

His locksmith business continued to grow that in 1956, had the necessity to open another locksmith shop in Enrique Villuendas y Masso, in Ayestaran's neighborhood. Other members of the family, also took on the family business and making it a true art. The numerous clientele demanded yet another locksmith shop in Espada y San jose, where they really established their well known name for their profession.  

After the fact, the WONG Locksmith shops have extended to Spain, where his daughter, Josefina Wong and husband Jose Perez, established a sucessful business that is currently managed by their son Jose "Pepito" Perez for over 25 years. For more information visit: http://cerrajeriawong.es/

Meanwhile, another of his sons, Ernesto Wong, established his locksmith shop in 1980 in Hialeah at 1155 West 29th St. There on the 4th day of September in a small storefront shop, that later was expanded, was converted in the renamed WONG LOCKSMITH, a flourish business attended along his wife, Rebeca Wong. Together they are now established in a new shop in 5030 West 12th Ave in Hialeah.

Also, a grandson of the Wong family has established another locksmith shop in Merida Mexico, where Carlos Rodriguez Wong, manages and operates a sucessful shop for over 10 years. For more information visit: http://www.infoguiamexicodf.com/merida/oficinas/cerrajeria-wong.html

  The photos that illustrate his work, constitute a true demonstartion of what hard work, dedication, being capable, and courtesy in business.